Data from Avid Ratings Helps Essex Homes Improve the Customer Experience

Company Overview:


Headquarters: South Carolina

Founded: 1987

Number of Employees: 150+

Type of Builder: Multi-Unit

Avid Products Used: AvidCX

The team at South Carolina-based builder Essex Homes felt stuck when it came to improving customer experience. They were using third-party software to mine customer data, but they weren’t receiving the valuable insights they needed to take their business to the next level. Says Mike Cancilla, Division President, of Essex’s previous situation: “We had no visibility when it came to customers, support staff, sales team, and subcontractors. We had virtually no insight into how we were doing as a company.” Frustrated, the Essex team turned to Avid for help.

Enabling Superior Customer Service

Since implementing Avid’s tools, the Essex team not only better understands their customers, but also provides elevated customer service. Essex employees can now respond more quickly and accurately to customer concerns both during and after the homebuilding process.

For example, Avid surveys recently revealed customer dissatisfaction with the dishwashers installed in their new homes. The Essex team was able to fix the issue promptly, which made for an overall more satisfying customer experience. Without Avid’s insight, the unsatisfactory dishwashers would’ve continued to frustrate customers.

Using Avid data, Essex leaders have gamified the journey to achieve superior customer service, and in doing so now manage their teams more effectively. Says Angela Bouknight, Conveyance Manager, “We use Avid data to reward employees who exceed customer service expectations. This makes for a fun, competitive environment.”

It also makes for newly empowered employees. Bouknight continues, “Avid Ratings has helped employees feel empowered to make the changes necessary to improve customer service. Overall, this has helped to make Essex Homes a great company to work for and with.”

Streamlining Internal Processes

While the Essex team’s praise for Avid centers on improved customer service and empowered employees, they reference other benefits as well. First, Avid tools give Essex visibility into how they compare to their fellow builders. Says Cancilla, “You always want to see how you stack up against the competition. Avid gives us the ability to do so.”

Empowering Essex Employees

Finally, Avid tools have helped Essex streamline the entire building process by allowing them to gather input from subcontractors and construction team members. This not only benefits internal teams, but also improves the overall customer experience, which makes for a more streamlined process with fewer hiccups and delays.

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