Adera Developments Improves Customer Experience By Adopting the Avid Ratings Suite of Products

Company Overview:

Headquarters: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Founded: 1969

Number of Employees: 65

Type of Builder: Multi-family

Avid Products Used: AvidCX

It was 2009 – a year before the Olympics would come to Vancouver and the Canadian city would be in the world spotlight. Like many other Vancouver-based organizations, award-winning homebuilder Adera recognized the Olympics as an opportunity to promote their business, showcasing their company to potential investors in town for the Games.

Adera Chooses Avid to Improve Customer Experience

To become a more attractive investment, Adera first needed to better understand and improve the experience of their current customers so they turned to Avid for help. Says Adera VP of Sales & Marketing Eric Andreasen, “When we finally got serious about adopting a third party to help us with customer experience measurement, Avid was hitting all of our checkmarks. We knew we had found the right partner.”

Nine years later, they’re still certain they made the right decision. AvidCX gives the Adera team insight into customer preferences, which helps them make decisions regarding home design and products. The tools also help Adera stay abreast of industry advancements. “We are now building projects that are the envy of our competitors,” says Andreasen. “Avid has helped us not only manage our customer experience, but also build a better product.”

When Andreasen reflects on Avid’s overall impact on Adera, he points to the company’s renewed nimbleness — its ability to quickly adapt and respond to customers’ needs and preferences. “A specific example of Avid’s utility is this: Avid’s tools facilitated feedback from our customers that our projects were noisy in terms of sound transfer between each unit. So, we developed a process for how we build all of the floors in our projects now trademarked as Quiet HomeTM, which is now receiving recognition by other builders in the industry. We feel that is a classic example of a global change that we made as a direct result of Avid’s programs,” says Andreasen. At a global level, Avid tools also show the Adera team how they stack up against their fellow builders.

The Cherry on Top: Exceptional Customer Service

It’s not just Avid’s products that have the Adera team raving — they’re also impressed with Avid’s top-notch customer service. “Avid has always been really good to us. It’s great to have direct access not only to customer service reps, but also to senior management,” says Andreasen. He also references Avid’s speediness in both implementing and updating their tools: “Recently, we asked Avid if they could produce a commercial tenant survey program for commercial building holdings. Avid created then launched the survey within two weeks, demonstrating just how quickly they work to meet their customers’ needs.”