Bedrock Homes Improves Customer Experience Management with Avid Ratings Suite of Tools

Company Overview:

Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Founded: 1999

Number of Employees: 80

Type of Builder: Production, Custom-semi custom

Avid Products Used: AvidCX

Award-winning Canadian builder Bedrock Homes wanted to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses within their organization, but the survey platform they were using failed to provide them with relevant insights. So, in 2014, the Bedrock team turned to Avid, recognized industry-wide as a leading resource for customer experience management. Implementing Avid’s tools was “very easy and very quick,” says Dee Tran, Bedrock General Manager. “We appreciated the level of input we were able to provide, especially in regards to the survey questions,” says Tran, “and we were able to launch quickly.”

Identifying Successes and Areas to Improve

Now, the Bedrock team is able to strengthen their business by tracking each homeowners’ experience with the Bedrock departments they encounter. Says Tran, “We’re now able to identify not only areas where we’re meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations, but also areas that require improvement.”

Tran also highlights the actionable quality of Avid insights: “We can now, in a timely fashion, respond to any constructive feedback we’ve been given, and if any areas of concern arise, we can get to the top of it quickly. This ultimately serves our customers.”

The Bedrock team actively recognizes and rewards staff with positive survey results or gently mentors and redirects those with subpar feedback. In the first year alone, they raised their Total Homebuyer Experience score (measuring overall customer satisfaction) from a respectable 78 points to a stellar 90 points.

Benchmarking Against the Competition

Avid tools not only provide insight used to make internal improvements, they also give Bedrock the opportunity to benchmark their performance against their competitors, both at a local and national level. Says Tran, “Avid’s tools were so helpful in showing us how we stacked up against other builders in the Edmonton area. Comparing Bedrock to other builders ended up being the most productive way to improve our performance.”

Would Bedrock Homes recommend Avid to fellow builders? Absolutely. “If another builder isn’t measuring CX and isn’t subscribed to Avid Ratings, I would highly recommend they do so,” says Tran. “Their customers will thank them. Avid is worth the investment.”