Avid Ratings’ Tools Enhance Accountability to Take Crescent Homes to the Next Level

Company Overview:

Website: www.crescenthomes.net

Headquarters: South Carolina

Founded: 2009

Type of Builder: Single Family Communities, Multi-Family

Avid Products Used: AvidCX

In order to improve their customer experience, South Carolina-based builder Crescent Homes recognized that they first needed to gather in-depth, honest customer feedback. To tap into customer sentiment, Crescent Homes sought the help of a third-party organization — one that prioritized complete transparency. After exploring a few options, they decided that Avid’s industry-standard suite of homebuilder tools would best help them gather insights and improve customer experience, thereby elevating their organization as a whole.

Enhanced Accountability

Following an easy installation of Avid’s survey tools, Crescent Homes employees quickly experienced an enhanced sense of accountability. Using Avid, employees could suddenly see exactly where they exceeded customer expectations — and where they had room to improve.

Says Lee Miller, a member of Crescent’s marketing team, “It’s not about finger-pointing — it’s about getting honest feedback regarding company and staff performance… Now, we can better understand which processes are working and which we need to change.”

Improved Customer Service

Enhanced transparency and accountability has naturally given way to improved customer service. According to Lee, because the Crescent Homes team now knows exactly what their customers are saying and feel a personal responsibility to respond, they can now address customer concerns in a more accurate and more timely manner.

Maintaining a high standard of customer service is important to the Crescent Homes team — in fact, customer service drives the success they’ve seen as an organization. Says Miller, “Customer service is the key to our success. And Avid provides the transparency we need to constantly improve the customer service experience.”

Changing Crescent Homes for the Better

Overall, Avid tools have helped Crescent Homes change their business for the better by providing in-depth insights that allow the team to make educated decisions when it comes to managing their organization and its processes.

Would Crescent Homes recommend Avid’s tools to other homebuilders? Without a doubt. When asked what he would say to fellow builders/contractors considering Avid, Lee responds, “Using Avid will give you better insight into your customer experience. Having that transparency and the accountability that follows will help your company grow.”