Goodall Homes Gains Invaluable Customer Insights Using Avid Ratings Tools

Company Overview:


Headquarters: Gallatin, TN

Founded: 1983

Number of Employees: 160

Revenue: $165 Million

Type of Builder: Multi-family

Avid Products Used: AvidCX

While the team at Tennessee-based builder Goodall Homes has always prided themselves on being in tune with their customers, they wanted to understand customers on an even deeper level in order to provide superior service. The Goodall team abandoned their previous survey platform and turned to Avid, known industry-wide for providing the best tools for building professionals to tap into and improve customer experience.

AvidCX Helps Goodall Track Customer Sentiment

Through AvidCX, the Goodall team gathers customer insights, which they use to inform decisions to improve customer experience and — by extension — their business as a whole. In particular, the team likes to monitor their “Net Promoter Score” (NPS), gathering data and analyzing trends across three different customer touchpoints: construction, move-in, and year-end.

Each department focuses on 1-2 survey questions at a time, making internal tweaks to improve customer responses during a 6-month period. Every time the team has made an effort to improve their performance, they’ve seen success in the form of positive customer feedback. Says a Goodall team member, “When it comes to improving customer experience, there’s no instant gratification — it takes time. However, the process brings beneficial results.”

Avid: Providing Real Business Results & Top-Notch Customer Service

The Goodall team takes full advantage of the extensive customer insights gathered through AvidCX. In addition to praising Avid’s survey tools, the Goodall team cannot speak more highly of Avid’s customer service. Says a Goodall team member: “I love it when I have Angela [an Avid Client Success Manager] on the phone, and we’re screen-sharing — she helps me find the quickest way to access and pull together any and all information I might need.” 

The Goodall team closes with more praise for Avid’s level of customer support: “Angela is always willing to help us — to take the time to explain things to our team. And we’re not always the one to reach out first — she proactively reaches out every quarter (at minimum) to share new ideas. She is wonderful and terrific to work with!”

“We are now able to talk about surveys, results, and customer satisfaction in marketing meetings and with our customers – and we do! Everyone talks about it. And our ratings are higher than ever. It’s a joint effort between Goodall and Avid – it’s a win-win!” Kelley Hampton – Support Office Manager

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