Company Overview:


Headquarters: Frederick, Maryland

Founded: 1964

Revenue: $105 Million

Type of Builder: 85% Production (set floor plan) 15% semi-custom floor plan

Avid Products Used: AvidCX

Wormald Homes — an award-winning homebuilder serving the Washington, D.C. area — needed a better way to understand customer experience. Previously, they had been using a single paper survey to gauge customer sentiment, but as the company grew, they realized that this method wouldn’t be sustainable or provide them with insights that could truly benefit their business.

A Solution to Connect with Customers

In order to take Wormald to the next level, the team decided they needed a more modern and reliable way to connect with their customers and gain insight. Following a strong referral from the NAHB Builder 20 Club, they began investigating Avid Ratings, and ultimately decided to use AvidCX to better their customer experience.

Since implementing Avid’s solutions, Wormald’s marketing team has been able to expand the company’s online reach by sharing positive customer comments and reviews across the web. When asked his favorite thing about using Avid, Robert Wormald replied, “Reading the reviews as they come in and being able to react to them in an appropriate manner.”

AvidCX Tools Encourage Internal Improvements

The survey tools, in contrast, has renewed Wormald’s focus on self- improvement. Using the tool, the Wormald team identifies areas for improvement and challenges themselves to improve the service they provide. For example, prior to implementing Avid, Wormald was unaware of certain customer preferences when it came to the products they were putting in homes — namely drywall and plumbing. GoSurvey gave them insight into these specific customer preferences, which Wormald used to improve the quality in the homes they built.

Finally, the Wormald team cites Avid’s exceptional customer service as a key differentiator and positive factor when it comes to working with the received from Avid surveys.” Avid team. Says Robert Wormald: “I also really enjoy the monthly conference calls with their Client Success Managers — they really helps us look at the data from multiple angles.”

“We weren’t doing a good job of understanding our customer experience… As we grew and added staff, it became apparent that we needed to find out how we were doing in the eyes of our clients. As a result, we’ve made changes to the organization in response to the feedback we’ve received from Avid surveys.” Robert Wormald – Owner