Avid Ratings Brings Clarity, Insights, and Improvements to Truland Homes

Company Overview:

Headquarters: Spanish Fort, Alabama

Founded: 2011

Number of Employees: 56

Revenue: $72M

Type of Builder: Single Family, Production, Semi-Custom

Avid Products Used: AvidCX

In 2012, award-winning Alabama-based builder Truland Homes sought Avid’s help to, as they put it, “Remove ambiguity when it came to where we needed to direct our focus.” In other words, the Truland Homes team wanted to be more surgical in their management — but they needed better insight into processes, customers, and employees to do so.

Avid Brings Clarity & Insights to Truland Homes

Soon after implementing Avid’s tools, the Truland Homes team saw the partnership begin to pay off. Enhanced visibility into all aspects of their business has been the catalyst Truland Homes needed to make key improvements. Chief Leadership Officer Brad Israel says, “We’ve made important changes to products based on the information Avid provides. We can now measure things we couldn’t measure before.” The Truland Homes team lists a number of specific benefits they’ve experienced as a result of launching Avid’s tools:• Avid’s in-depth surveys give insight into specifics like employee/customer transactions.
• The surveys also provide feedback regarding product satisfaction; the Truland team
has changed out a number of products as a result.
• Avid-generated data serves as coaching material for the Truland Homes team.
Avid’s trend data also shows Truland how they compare to other builders and whether they’re improving over time.

An Enhanced Customer Experience

The output from the Avid software platform has also provided Truland Homes direct feedback from their customer. This information is provided immediately as soon as a survey is loaded. Truland doesn’t have to wait weeks or months for quarterly reviews to become available for them to use the data to improve the customer experience. They can take actions right away based on survey results

“For example,” Dan Beasley, Director of Sales, says, “One survey question showed us that customers felt rushed through the walk-through process. We changed our process, making sure to explain things better — like what was and wasn’t covered in warranty. We turned a
walk-through into a more educational experience for the buyer, which was much more interactive and engaging, allowing customers to ask questions during the final home review before closing. Our scores on this increased soon after.

The Truland team also uses Avid-generated insights to give extra guidance to agents with lower scores, which helps them to improve the customer service experience they provide. “We take it seriously,” says Israel. “We review Avid data every week in our executive meeting.”

To close, Beasley and Israel both point to Avid’s impact on Truland’s culture. “Culture is about creating a great buyer experience and a great place to work,” they say. “Avid has helped reinforce the importance of this.”